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Date Posted: 1/3/2011
Title: ACEP December/January eNews

ACEP December/January eNews

In this issue:

Registration for the Conference opens Monday Dec 27th
We are doing this about one week ahead of schedule for those that want to get the deduction for the tuition this year. You can see all of the workshops on line.   The digital PDF of the brochure will be available the first week in January.  Click here to register 

Give a Tax Deductible Charitable Gift to ACEP
You can donate to the research fund, the humanitarian fund, or ACEP’s greatest need.  Click here 

Check out the updated research section of our website!
ACEP’s Research Committee has done a fabulous job updating and organizing the following information on Research & Resources In Energy Psychology
  • Research on Energy Psychology.
    • Research Listed by Specific Applications
    • Published Research in Energy Psychology
    • Presented Papers and Dissertations
    • Unpublished Research
    • Energy Psychology: Selected References
    • Energy Medicine:  Selected References
  • How do I conduct a literature search?
  • How do I get funding?  How do I write a grant?
  • Ethics, IRBs and Human Studies Protections.
  • How do I design an EP Research Study?
  • How do I implement my study?
  • How do I write up a research study?

Changes in your Board of Directors
We welcome Carole Stern as ACEP’s new President and John Diepold as a new board member.  Greg Nicosia moves into the position of Immediate Past President and Betsy Muller begins her second term on the board.

Also continuing on the board are:  Maria Becker, Melinda Connor, John Freedom, Mandi Freger, Mary Hammond, Lynn Karjala, Jim Klopman, George Pratt and Debby Vajda.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to departing members Mary Jo Bulbrook, Nilhan Sezgin and Larry Stoler, for their wonderful service to ACEP.  Namaste.

ACEP launches a professional Certification Program in EFT designed and managed by Tina Craig
The grandparenting period will begin Jan 15th, 2011.  For details about the program, click here 

Win FREE 2 year ACEP Membership ($190 Value!)

Help ACEP Create a Great Elevator Speech!
Have you ever found yourself tongue-tied when asked what you do?

How do YOU explain Energy Psychology, to your friends, reporters, radio hosts and colleagues, in ONE minute or less?    

We are looking for succinct, intelligent, accurate, articulate and catchy ways of describing EP to friends, associates, media, professional connections and the general public so that we can all be more effective at communication outreach in the world.  Maybe you have some great lines that are already working well.  After the contest ends, we will post the winning entries on our website as a way to help everyone in our ACEP community do a better job explaining EP to the outside world.  Enter your favorite lines and you may be our winner.  Good luck!

Contest Rules:

Answer these questions:    

What is Energy Psychology?    

Why is Energy Psychology valuable and relevant?

1.       Submit your entries via email to admin@energypsych.org.  Please put “Elevator Speech Contest Entry” in Subject Line

2.   Answers to each question must be 150 words or less.  You may enter all 3 categories.  

3.   Deadline for entries:   January 30, 2011.

4.   3 Winners:   one year free ACEP membership for each of these categories

o        Best Speech for a Media Interview
o        Best Speech for a potential client or member of the general public
o        Best Speech for a high level academic/science colleague

 5.  Winning entries will be announced in the next issue of The Energy Field.

Looking for member journalists.  Join us on the Communications Committee!
ACEP is launching The Year of Communication, which makes it a perfect time for you to consider joining us on the Communications Committee.  We’re looking for member journalists who might like to focus on any of these areas: 

  • Case of the month
  • Regional reports
  • Member spotlight
  • Updates to Wikipedia
  • Other possibilities …

Exciting changes in ACEP’s CEP Workshop

Starting in January of 2011, ACEP is offering a new format for the Essential Skills in Comprehensive Energy Psychology class that is one of the requirements of the CEP Certification Program.  In the new format, this class will come in two weekend classes of two days each, separated by several months.  The one-day Client Care and Facilitation Skills workshop will be available as a webinar class.

In this new format, a student does not need to complete the online modules before the first weekend class.  We made this change in response to student suggestions to remove this barrier to attendance.  A student may take both weekends just for the knowledge gained without ever doing any online study modules.  If a student wants to go further and work for certification, then the student must apply for certification, pass the online modules, and complete their consultation hours.  While the bulk of consultation will come after the second weekend class, up to four consultation hours between the classes may count toward certification.

The first offering of this new format will be in Spanish in San Jose, Costa Rica on Feb. 26-27.

Note: There are two remaining opportunities to complete the certification workshop in the three-day format.  These include the March training in Bellevue (Seattle area) and the June training in Reston, Virginia.  Being familiar with the modules that are part of the certification program is encouraged by the instructors but is no longer required to attend either of these training opportunities.

Upcoming Trainings – please help us spread the word

EP for Everyone – March 3 and 4, 2011- Hyatt Regency, Bethesda, Maryland

Certification Workshops in Comprehensive Energy Psychology (DCEP and CEHP).  Home study modules are not a prerequisite for these trainings.  Also open to those who are not pursuing certification.

San Jose, Costa Rica

February 26-27, 2011
Essential Skills in Energy Psychology: Part One
Training in Spanish
Taller en español
February 26-27, 2011
Certification Instructor:  Barbara Stone, DCEP
Training Facilitator and Assistant:  Kristin Holthuis, MD, DCEP
For registration, contact Kristin Holthuis at medicinadeluz@gmail.com

Bellevue, Washington, USA (Seattle area)

March 4-6, 2011 – 3-Day Essential Skills in Comprehensive EP
March 7, 2011 – 1-Day Client Care & Facilitation Skills
Instructors:  Dorothea Hover-Kramer, DCEP and Stephanie Eldringhoff, DCEP
Registration is available
here.  (The registration page has not yet been updated to note that the modules are not required).  

Reston, Virginia, USA

June 2, 2011 – 1-Day Client Care & Facilitation Skills
June 6-8, 2011 – 3-Day Essential Skills in Comprehensive EP
Instructors:  Dorothea Hover-Kramer, DCEP and Lynn Karjala, DCEP
Registration is available
(The registration page has not yet been updated to note that the modules are not required).

Changing your email address?  Other updates?
Please remember to send your name and new email address to acep@energypsych.org or update your member profile yourself at www.energypsych.org.  Just click on the blue tab for Membership and select Go To My Portal.  Thanks!

ACEP Members Yahoo group
Do you want to connect with other ACEP members to share questions, ideas, experiences, training opportunities, and much more?  Join the ACEP Members Yahoo group at http://health.groups.yahoo.com/group/ACEPmembers/.  Remember to indicate that you are an ACEP member.