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Pete Esquinaldo
Pete is representative of the “New World Shaman”…a healer who integrates science, technology and spi...
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Q: What is AlternativesGateway.com

A: AlternativesGateway.com is a new web site whose primary function is to provide online healthy lifestyle resources for the general public that contains relevant information, articles, and links to service providers and advertisers providing healthful choices. It is a directory of healers, practitioners and others in the realm of alternative/complementary medicine, spirituality, and metaphysics. There are also further categories, which offer more services and information that promote higher knowledge and wisdom, and to inspire hope with a positive, constructive attitude.

    Fundamentally, it is a directory of practitioners, businesses and organizations in Your area who practice and support a more balanced and harmonious lifestyle. As part of that goal, AlternativesGateway.com also lists events of interest in the area and provides resources, such as selected web site links. Our vision is to be the one-stop source people turn to when looking for healthy, balanced, alternative, and complementary lifestyle information on the Internet. If you have any comments, questions, or recommendations to improve our web portal, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.

Q: As a Healthful Business, Supplier, or Service Provider, how do I become a Member of AlternativesGateway.com's directory?

A: You can sign-up as a Directory Member by registering as a Member first through the Home Page, then logging in as a Member and selecting the options available. We offer both quarterly and yearly Basic Membership Directory (both plans payable monthly if you prefer), and includes a close-up of the Member. We also offer the AlternativesGateway (AG) Scheduler, AG Events, and AG Banner Ad sign-up services for our Members. To learn more about getting listed and our other Member services, please see What We Offer and/or register to checkout the options available.

Q: How secure is any information provided to AlternativesGateway.com?

A: AlternativesGateway.com takes great pride in our privacy practices. At no time will we provide any information we have that is not already published within this site to any outside party. If you would like more information regarding this practice, please review our Privacy Policy.

Q: Can I add my event to AlternativesGateway.com's Event Calendar?

AlternativesGateway.com's Event Calendar is only open to Members and there is a charge for listing your events. We ask that your event be healthful in nature and provide value to the AG Community of Visitors. If you would like further information on how to list you event, please visit our Calendar of Events.

Q: Can I submit an article for publication on Alternatives.Gateway.com?

AlternativesGateway.com is always looking for healthful, informative articles to post on its web site. To find out how to submit an article, please go to the Articles tab.

Q: If I cannot locate the information I was looking for, what do I do now?

As AlternativesGateway.com tries to provide the community with as much information as possible, we obviously do not have the means to provide all the information that is available for holistic care and lifestyles. If you find that you cannot locate a practitioner or find what you are looking for through our advanced search, please do not hesitate to Contact Us as we will do our best to help you locate what you are looking for.

Q: I would like to advertise on AlternativesGateway.com, how can I do this?

AlternativesGateway.com try's its best to not endorse any product and/or turn the site into one large commercial for the community. Our goal is to provide the community with an easy to use portal for holistic and spiritual lifestyles. If you are interested in advertising on our web site, please Contact Us and we will see if your product or service is a fit for our site and the holistic community.

Q: I have a healthful site too! Can I link to AlternativesGateway.com?

A: AlternativesGateway.com has a linking policy that can be found on our Terms of Use page. Though we do have a links resource page for our visitors, we do not just list any site for convenience. If you feel that your site is in context with the theme of AlternativesGateway.com and would like to be on our Links page, please do not hesitate to Contact Us