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Event Date: 11/11/2011
Title: 11-11-11 Sedona Conference Return of the Wisdom Ways
Description: 11-11-11 Sedona Conference
Return of the Wisdom Ways

Solara An-Ra has been guided to gather wisdom keepers of Gaia together, to use the potent 11.11.11 energies to their full potential. We will be a gathering of 222 Light Tribe, connecting with each other and our Mother Earth, opening our hearts, and learning ways to make our transition joyful. Solara believes that this date is more important than 21st December 2012 - it is an opportunity with greater potential than that of the Harmonic Convergence, to create the New Age of Light NOW!

Sat & Sun 12,13th: 9 am - 5 pm
Group Meditations, Activations & Presenters all day long!

Sedona Creative Life Center
333 Schnebly Hill Road, Sedona, Arizona 86336


Fri 11th (10am - 2pm): Free 11-11-11 Ceremony out on the land!

15 minutes from Sedona town Center - see here

The conference is on the Saturday & Sunday and it is absolutely fine to come for the 2 days only - it will be a wonderful experience! But if you are able, I advise coming for longer - especially for the ceremony on the Friday, and perhaps even for a week. There will be so many Light tribe in town & you will make many friends - give yourself a 'recharging spiritual holiday' with time to explore the land and to do the extra workshops and activities offered. Group hotel discounts below.

There are still spaces on Anrita Melchizedek's workshops!
Scroll down for details

Those still owing monies, please complete payments via the donations button


Weekend Conference Ticket - Sat & Sunday $222 Make payment with PayPal

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This 11-11-11 Gaia-and-Tribe Conference - 'The Return of the Wisdom Ways' is set in the magical multi-Vortex energy of Sedona. 222 people will come together as one tribe, to share the energies of this powerful time window with the wisdom-keepers and Star being guides who are guiding our way as we head towards 2012.

This is a conference with a difference - it does not consist of talks /lectures only, but will involve your participation. We will meditate, practice consciousness-raising breath techniques, spend time in the beauty of the red rock mountains, and share our loving energy with each other. All the presenters will work together on Friday the 11th to create a ceremony that will change our world forever!

Solara's Earth-keeper and Star being guides will be open for direct communication with you on all 3 days - indeed they have called the conference into being! They tell us now 'Always have there been those of lower consciousness who have feared the powerful cultures of old, and therefore sought to dissolve them. But always have the ancestors known that this time would come – the time of the return of the Light – of the return of the sacred ways. This time is materialised now!'

We are tribe of Gaia - let us come together to share our love & beauty
and raise our frequencies in the power of the 11-11-11 vibration!

Presenters, Wisdom Keepers, & Artists

Steve Spooner

Steve is joining our awesome band of leaders to facilitate an alignment with the Divine Feminine/Goddess at the 11.11.11 ceremony. He is an “Ambassador of Divine Love” who works shamanically in ways both taught and remembered. He is also offering private sessions from the 9th to the 16th, where you are journeyed into other realms to experience the Love and Wisdom of your Higher Self & connect with Spirit guides, archetypes, & loved ones from past/present, enabling releases, insights and a refilling from Divine Source. $44/ half hour. To pre-book a session e-mail peaceisinbeing@hotmail.com. www.peaceisinbeing.webs.com

Life In Balance

Ami & Steve Sciulli will gift us with their omni-dimensional Sound Healing music, 'Life in Balance'! They use the pure wave-forms and harmonics of quartz crystal bowls, flutes and electronic oscillations to create a bio-electrical sound current which promotes healing by interfacing with the body's electromagnetic fields. They will accompany some of the meditations over the 2 days, and also play for our final celebration dance at the end of the gathering. http://myspace.com/soundhealer http://www.lifeinbalancemusic.com/

Solara An-Ra Warrior of the Light

Solara An-Ra is well known for her beautiful channelled meditations - she will lead the group in various meditations to raise our collective vibration exponentially, keep us grounded, and assist us to shift into Unity Consciousness. She will also channel her Earth-keeper ancestor and Star Being guides, so that we may access the energies of the 11-11-11 and use them to their full potential to empower and heal ourselves and our tribe. Solara is not offering one-on-ones in Sedona, but you can book a session via skype here.

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in

Aluna Joy Yaxk'in is an author, spiritual life coach, sacred site guide, alternative historian, sacred site essence formulator, ordained minister and modern mystic. In the Inca world, Aluna is considered a Qawaq (cow-wak) Clairvoyant, or seer of living energy - she simply considers herself a Spiritual Archaeologist using her Clairvoyant/Clairsentient gifts to read ancient history of sacred sites and the human collective. She speaks on the subjects of Spiritual Archaeology and the Awakening of Spiritual Consciousness through the guardians and masters of ancient cultures of the Maya, Inca, and Egyptian/Atlantean worlds.

Dennison Tsosie

Dennison, a humble Navaho silversmith & artist, is a spiritual teacher whose journey accelerated in the 80's when he started receiving visions of the future and messages for our human tribe about the changing times. He has been assisting people through his healing and prophetic gifts ever since then, and we are privileged to have him on board to assist with the Medicine Wheel Ceremony. Dennison's stunning hand-crafted silver & crystal jewellery will be on sale at the conference - his pieces are AMAZING - save your pennies now!


Ezeriel is an Atlantean Sound and Crystal Master, who has accessed this skill again in this lifetime. In Mount Shasta she was shown by the masters of Agartha how to use sound to tune different frequencies in order to heal and realign the body's cells and the energy body. Ezeriel will tone frequencies into the audience through her beautiful voice, following her guidance in the moment as to what is needed to raise and balance our energies. She will also lead us in group toning to assist with the crystal awakening within Gaia and our own Light bodies.

Anrita Melchizedek

Anrita is an author, channel, healer & Star Ambassador who brings Keys to Self Mastery in her work with the tribe. As a child she communicated with Nature Spirit Intelligences, fairies and animals, and in her twenties started working consciously with the Angelic realms & Christed ET’s. She channels the Elders, ancient celestial Beings and High Council Members to the Order of Melchizedek, & is travelling from South Africa to be with us, bringing her legions of Light with her! Anrita is also offering 3 workshops at the Creative Life Center in Sedona on the 9th, 10th & 14th November - Lightbody Activation, Key Code Downloads & DNA Actualisation - scroll down for details. http://www.pleiadianlight.net/page6.htm anrita@pleiadianlight.net

Gabrielle Young

Gabrielle is a true 'Keeper of the Wisdom Ways' on Gaia. She is a visionary performance artist of the initiatory poetry of Rumi, Hafiz, Lalla & the sacred Egyptian texts, and will perform with local Sedona musicians Erik Zang & Tree Trees, bringing bliss and beauty to our gathering through her direct transmission of Light & illumination! Wisdom teacher, healer and mystic, she will also speak on the 11.11 energies, celebrating the power of grace, sacred passion, purpose and creativity in our lives. She is available before & after the conference for divine, out-of-this-world Egyptian Oil Healing sessions. $88/hour: Email to book: gabriellemysticrose@yahoo.com www.GabrielleYoung.com


Amateo is a first wave Crystal Child who remembers his Atlantean, Lemurian & Star Lineage. At 22, he is here to show us how the younger generation are seeding the Age of Light in their own unique way! A Cosmic channel, artist, ascension adventurer & alchemist, he will bring us into an experience of Unity Consciousness through ascension Alchemy, connecting with Star Beings and sharing synchronistic messages from his Higher Self, Ascended Masters and his delightful Sirian guide from the future, named Ratava.


Astar-Ra is a walk-in Angelic Star-being who arrived in the earth body of Blain Stavast during a near-death experience in November of 2005. Overlighted and guided by the Elohim, Hathors, Arcturians & Andromedans, he brings the sacred knowledge & encodings of the Goddess vibration from golden Atlantis back onto the Earth plane. Newly awakened to his purpose, he is achieving this mission through channelled messages, healing, activation of the higher self collective, and transmissions of light encodings from the 5th to the 13th dimensions.
Astar-Ra is available for private sessions - Book on lightsofavalon@hotmail.ca

Gabriella Light-Child

Gabriella, Solara An-Ra's daughter, will touch our hearts with her channelled songs, designed to lighten us up and open our hearts. Eighteen years old, she is one of the many children of Light who are now letting go of fear about 'not fitting in' with other teenagers and stepping forward to be of service to our tribe.

Listen to one of her songs


Estrea KumBa (previously Crealo Ra)

Estrea, founder of Shekinah Temple in New York, is available on-site throughout the conference for healing/past life Regression & spiritual coaching sessions . He teaches Higher Self connection, energy awareness, re-charging, manifesting skills & inner child healing. $44/half hour or $88/hour. Book ahead on:

theshekinahtemple@gmail.com 631-816-3470 theshekinahtemple@gmail.com

Mark Trevis

Mark Trevis is a wonderful healer and therapist who will be offering reflexology sessions for $44/half hour or $88/hour from Thursday 10th through Monday 14th. His sessions are relaxing, rejuvenating, perfect for jetlag, headaches, tired bodies and a huge range of ailments.
Book your session ahead of time on 604-808-0034 or 604-536-1252

More info on Mark here http://www.vibrationalvitality.com/


EstaRa (April D’Amato) is a healer, spiritual coach, & intuitive. She will be available on-site throughout the conference for readings, offering you the opportunity to connect with loved ones, guides, angels and to receive messages about your past, future and your soul’s journey. After a session with EstaRa, you will leave with more direction, a better understanding of yourself and a peaceful heart. $44/half hour sessions and $88/hour. For more information about EstaRa and to book an appointment: www.soulstarhealing.com 860.985.0211 april@soulstarhealing.com

VENUE: Sedona Creative Life Center
333 Schnebly Hill Road, Sedona, Arizona 86336


There will be no food or drinks (aside from bottled water) provided at the venue. You may bring your own food or snacks & leave them on the shelves in the lobby outside the Great Room (there is no fridge but the room is cool). There is plenty of space outside in the beautiful gardens (and also tables) to eat lunch and chat with your fellow Light tribe.
The lunch break is from 12.30 till 2pm which means you do have time for a quick trip into town (a 5 - 7 minute drive), but try to bring food/drinks so that you avoid having to rush , drive & get in and out of the carpark -
New Fontiers Natural Store in West Sedona (right next to the Best Western Inn) is a GREAT place for picnic food to bring along: 1420 West State Route 89A, Sedona, AZ 86336.

Part of the gardens at The Creative Life Center (left)
Full Moon at Cathedral Rock (below)


HOTELS: Most people are staying in either 1. The Sedona Motel 2. The King's Ransom 3. Best Western Inn of Sedona. Details of prices and group discounts at the very end of this page

For travel to/ more hotels in Sedona, see here

AIRPORT SHUTTLE: If you do not have a car, there is a very convenient shuttle from Phoenix Airport to Sedona which runs 9 times per day. It will drop you at any of the 3 hotels listed below, & costs $50 one way or $90 return. You can reserve your place WITHOUT PAYMENT on 928-282-2066 (pay at the airport - you are likely to make friends with someone else going to the conference on the plane & get a free ride :)) www.sedona-phoenix-shuttle.com

Email DebRa falangas48@optonline.net
If you wish to share a hotel room to save costs & need a room-mate.


Workshops by Anrita Melchizedek

Workshop 1: Fifth Dimension Light Body/Merkaba Activation

Wednesday November 9th: 3 - 5pm

in the Universal Room: Creative Life Center

$40 ~ Click here for more details & to make payment


W/S 2: Ray Activations & Key Code downloads as an Initiate of Light

Thursday November 10th ~ 3.30 - 4.30pm

in the Chapel: Creative Life Center


Workshop 3 ~ Group DNA Actualization Session

~ Monday November 14th 9.30am-11.00am

in the Universal Room: Creative Life Center


Workshop with Aluna Joy Yax'kin : Mon 14th - FULLY BOOKED

Workshop: 10am-1pm: 'What on Earth is Really going on' - positive messages regarding our transforming world, plus a new world attunement. Questions & answers with the guides. 2 - 4pm out in the red rocks for anchoring the attunement. Please bring a picnic lunch.


Solara An-Ra

Mon 14th: 1 - 6 pm - FULLY BOOKED

Guided Meditations out on the land - in three different Sedona Vortices. We will carpool for this, maximum number per car, meeting at the Creative Life Center parking lot at 1pm. Please eat lunch first.


Suggested Hotels with Group Discounts for the Conference

1. The Sedona Motel:

Good prices and the best motel if you want to be walkable to the venue, (15 minute walk) . The rooms are nice, all have fridges and micros, but the motel doesn't look like much from the outside, just a cement forecourt for parking. Close to loads of shops & restaurants, but not a grocery store as such.
218 Arizona Route 179, Sedona, AZ 86336 Toll free in US: (877) 828- 7187 Outside US & local:(928) 282-7187

Prices are PER ROOM, not per person (Only 14 rooms available, it is small, no breakfast included)
Mention Solara/Creative Life Center to receive group rate discount.

Double Room (2 queen beds) $79.95+tax per night
Queen ( 1bed) $ 69.95+tax per night
King (1 Bed) $79.95+tax per night
King Suite (only 1 available) has King bed and Pull out couch $99.95+ tax
Queen Suite (only 1 available) has Queen bed and pull out couch $99.95+ tax


2. King's Ransom Hotel and Inn:

www.kingsransomsedona.com 771 Arizona Route 179, Sedona, AZ 86336
Hotel:(928) 282-7151 Inn: (928) 282 3132

Lovely location in the Red Rocks, a 5 minute drive or half hour walk to the venue. Basic breakfast included. Nice gardens, pool, hot tub outside. A few minutes walk to hiking trail (Marg’s Draw Trail). The rooms are the same quality as the Sedona Motel, but the setting is nicer. (The Best Western rooms are the best of the 3 choices though, they have a balcony overlooking the mountains!)

Inn Rooms: $75.00 + tax per night 2 Queen beds (limited number of these available)

Hotel Rooms: $85.00 + tax per night for either 2 Queen beds, or 1 Queen bed or 1 King bed

Must call directly and ask for Solara Rate (these rates available from 11/9 to 11/16 if you are coming earlier or staying later than the conference)


3. Best Western Plus Inn of Sedona:

A 10 minute drive to the venue, lovely location in West Sedona in the Red Rock Mountains, next to New Frontiers, the best health food/alternate store in Sedona, coffee shops, restaurants, etc. Outdoor heated pool, spa, continental breakfast, fridges etc in rooms which have balconies overlooking the mountains. Good if you are coming for longer and appreciate a great grocery store next door!

http://www.innofsedona.com 800.292.6344/ 928.282.3072 1200 West Highway 89A, Sedona AZ 86336.

Discounted rates: $105 + tax per night for 2 queen bed room
Call the hotel directly and ask for the “DejaView” rate available for the month of 11/11

King upgrades are available for different pricing - inquire when you call and reserve.